About Slayyo

If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it— Johan Huizinga

Born from the radical belief that every artist is a master of their craft—yet, somehow remains the unnamed architect of their local culture—we innovated solutions, built our platform, and socially invested in independent art communities to answer the question "what is there to do tonight"?

Similar to life, however, our ideas and philosophy would evolve from what we learned on our journey to our destination.

Through countless meetings to improve our platform, we familiarized ourselves with the vibrant communities that exist around us. Our goal was to capture this experience and translate it onto our platform, yet, it always seemed to elude us. Looking back now it is easy to see why. We were so fixated on chasing artistry and culture as this tangible material that we had unjustly overlooked the individuals that comprise it. That is to say, one could gather all of the sand and water in the world to recreate an ocean, but would it ever truly compare to a day at the beach? And so, what began as a humble ticketing platform for artists has become an ever evolving intermediary for different traditions, customs, and ways of life.

We are an experiences marketplace that nurtures, illuminates, and promotes local communities to worldwide audiences.

We can never truly capture their essence but, we can build bridges and paths to each and every one of them so that you can experience them yourself at your own pace.

Our Team